State of the City: Building a Stronger Community, Together

As I reflect this year on the state of our city, I do so in the shadow cast by the tragedy of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. This tragedy has sent shockwaves through our city, our province, and our world. We hear of events like this happening elsewhere and we sense the devastation, but we don’t have the connections to the real lives and the people to make it real. And then it lands right in our own backyard.

Study on Train Delays in the City

City Council commissioned a study to look at the costs and benefits minimizing or even removing train delays in Saskatoon through underpasses, overpasses, and relocating the rail lines out of the city. There are a number of different issues regarding the rail study that make it somewhat confusing.

While I think there is broad agreement that there would be many benefits to getting trains out of the City—from safety, to travel times, to new opportunities for redevelopment—the bottom line from the study is that there are very large hurdles to either relocating or building overpasses and underpasses.

City Council Highlights

28 MARCH, 2018 City Council Highlights Below are five areas of discussion and debate in City Council Chambers over this past month that can have an impact on the residents of Saskatoon. TCU Place and SaskTel Centre City Council received a report that came from the...

Seeking a Way Forward

As Mayor, I have made it central to my leadership that we are stronger united than divided.

It is more important than ever to confront the undercurrent of racism that has become escalated since this happened. We have been aware of racism and discrimination in our city and province, but the level of contempt and hatred that has emerged in comments online and in daily interactions has revealed the magnitude of these sentiments.

This cannot be tolerated if we are to build a better society. They are a risk to our future.

Budget 2018

City Council has passed a budget that funds the core services that our citizens rely on for a high quality of life and that makes investments in our community’s future through smart growth, improved transportation, modernized technology and environmental sustainability.

Meewasin Valley Authority Funding

Whenever I go to schools or talk to the young citizens—and future leaders—of our community, the number one concern that I hear about is environmental sustainability. These young people are concerned about the large, complex problems that will affect our community and our planet for the generations yet to come. In Saskatoon and Saskatchewan, the work that the Meewasin Valley Authority does in conservation, trail development and education is crucial to this work and in making sustainability part of the culture of Saskatoon.

Downtown Protected Bike Lanes

This week, City Council voted to retain the current protected bike lanes downtown on 4th Avenue and 23rd Street.
The downtown protected bike lanes have been controversial for Saskatoon, with strong and vocal advocates on both sides of the issue. Debates have occurred throughout Saskatoon at kitchen tables, around water coolers and in our City Council Chambers.
I voted in favour of continuing with the current bike lane arrangement until we receive more comprehensive information in June, when a plan for a connected cycling network will be presented to City Council. In voting this way, I was thinking about the safety of all road users, about creating a downtown that works for everyone and making the right decision for Saskatoon now and into the future.

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