10 Strategic Priorities

City Council has identified 10 strategic priority areas that require coordinated and intentional efforts from Council and the City’s administration.

The world is changing, and cities are at the forefront of navigating these changes. Saskatoon has to think and work differently in order to become a city that is able to address the challenges and opportunities of the modern world: the competition for economic investment, growing diversity, climate change, technological advancements and income inequality. How will we grow, how will we provide necessary services to residents, and how will we ensure a high quality of life for all citizens?

To address these questions, City Council has created a new leadership model to empower all of its members to take leadership roles—with support from administration—in engaging citizens and stakeholders in priority areas and to make progress over their term.

This leadership model is a new approach for our city, but it is necessary if we want to address the pressures we are facing, get the most out of on the opportunities in front of us, and unlock the full potential of our community.

Get Involved

City Council wants to work with the people of Saskatoon in order to achieve a better tomorrow.

For a full listing of engagement opportunities, please visit the link below.

Community Safety & Wellness

Councillor Gough

City Council is prioritizing an integrated and effective system of services to promote community safety and well-being.

Challenges pertaining to safety, inequality and housing accessibility remain considerable, and working toward holistic community well-being requires multiple approaches and partnerships.

Read more about Safe Communities, one initiative within this priority area.

Core Services

Councillor Iwanchuk

City Council is prioritizing continued improvement on the delivery of core public services, including through the use of technology to ensure maximum benefit to citizens.

The work within this priority area is broad and intersects directly with daily lives of the citizens of Saskatoon.

Downtown Development

Councillor Block

City Council is prioritizing the development of the downtown as a neighbourhood, bringing more people, jobs, stores, restaurants and amenities into the area.

A lively and energetic downtown is interconnected with other City goals, including infill, transit usage, economic development and diversification, and active transportation, to name but a few.

Read more about Downtown: Where We Belong, one initiative within this priority area.

Economic Development

Councillor Hill

City Council is prioritizing strategic economic development that will position Saskatoon to succeed in a changing global economy.

Working collaboratively will allow us to identify opportunities, align infrastructure investments and create an environment that fosters business growth, innovation and good jobs for Saskatoon citizens.

Environmental Sustainability

Councillors Gersher & Loewen

City Council is prioritizing transforming our position as one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gasses to a model city of innovation in energy conservation, renewables and waste diversion.

City Council has set ambitious targets relating to environmental sustainability and we have the potential to make significant strides and show leadership in this area.

Information Technology

Councillor Jeffries

City Council is prioritizing using information technology as a means to improve services for the citizens of Saskatoon.

The world of technology is rapidly changing, and this impacts the expectations of citizens in terms of what services are provided and how they are provided.

Reconciliation, Inclusion & Diversity

Mayor Clark

City Council is prioritizing work to foster an inclusive community and charting a new path of partnership, cooperation and respect.

The goal of creating an inclusive community where all people are valued and feel a sense of belonging is key to establishing a strong and growing quality of life for all people in Saskatoon.

Read more about Reconciliation, one aspect within this priority area.

Recreation, Culture & Leisure

Councillor Davies

City Council is prioritizing the development of the right mix of recreation and culture amenities and programs to support our current and future citizens to be healthy and have fun throughout all seasons.

Regional Planning

Councillor Donauer

City Council is prioritizing the development of a vibrant, competitive and well-planned region built on partnerships with surrounding urban and rural municipalities and First Nations.

Building strong relationships with our partners will create certainty, efficiency and provide the best opportunity for sustainable regional growth in the years to come.


Councillor Dubois

City Council is prioritizing the development of a mobility strategy that support various transportation options and will serve our community for decades.