Building a Resilient, Sustainable Community

12AUG 2019Building a Resilient, Sustainable CommunityFor far too long the debate about climate change has been stifled by the false idea that there is some impossible divide between the economy and the environment. In Saskatoon, it is time to overcome this divide and...

Council Highlights, June 2019

Multi-Year Budgeting
City Council has instructed City staff to look for ways that the Administration’s proposed tax increases for 2020 and 2021 could be made lower. Their initial projections to maintain civic services involved raises of 3.94% and 4.17% for 2020 and 2021, and the admin has been asked to come up with options for how these numbers can be lowered.

It takes courage to build a better community

21JUNE 2019It takes courage to build a better communityOn November 16, 1984, Chief Wallace Tawpisin from Muskeg Lake sent a letter to Mayor Cliff Wright of Saskatoon about acquiring a parcel of land in the Sutherland area to create an urban reserve. This was an...

Council Highlights, May 2019

08JUNE 2019City Council Highlights Here are the top 5 highlights from the Council and Committee meetings in May.Flood Control Strategy The City has moved forward with plans to address flooding in some of the worst-hit areas of the city. The federal government recently...

Bus Rapid Transit Update

30APR 2019Bus Rapid Transit UpdateIt’s been several years in the making – last night’s decision at City Council to establish the Bus Rapid Transit Routes was a significant accomplishment in the journey of building a great modern prairie city.  The Growth Plan that we...

State of the City

16APRIL 2019State of the CityEach year, I am tasked with giving a speech on the moment that we find ourselves in as a community—the State of the City. We have much to be proud of in Saskatoon, I am confident that much more can be accomplished if we work together. You...

Council Highlights, March 2019

City Council decided on an implementation plan for the new universal curbside organics collection program, with the program rolling out in 2023. While I was in favour of a faster timeline, this was the timeline that the majority of Council settled on.

Council Highlights, February 2019

28FEB 2019City Council Highlights Here are some of the issues that were discussed at City Council and Committees in February that can impact the citizens of Saskatoon. Extending the Parking Time Limits in Residential Neighbourhoods City Council has asked for bylaw...

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