Good Jobs

‘Good jobs’ can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. A ‘good job’ might be a creative job or a stable job, a job where you get to make a difference or a job that helps you re-enter the workforce.

No matter how it is defined, a good job can help someone succeed, and this is an investment worth making. We need to create a community that supports the creation of good jobs through economic diversification, increasing the social impact of spending, and attracting new investments to Saskatoon.

There is no one single, simple way that we can help to create good jobs, but it instead involves a multi-pronged approach. Fortunately, Saskatoon already has many assets to help with this work.

Saskatoon has a growing technology sector, and we’re working with the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, the SK Tech Group, and the Saskatoon and Region Economic Development Association to help promote and tell the story of technology in Saskatoon. Technology companies are helping to shape the economic landscape of this city, and technological advancements are altering more traditional sectors such as agriculture and mining while creating new enterprises focused on green technology or business software. This story is something that we need to promote, while we also work to ensure that Saskatoon has a favourable environment and infrastructure to further encourage this sort of development, investment and growth.

Good jobs can also come through encouraging and creating the systems to facilitate social enterprises. There are many people within our community that are unable to enter the workforce due to not having the supports necessary to help with this transition. Social enterprises—through training programs, intentional hiring efforts and employee supports—can help to close this gap. Getting a good job is only the first step, but social enterprises can help people keep jobs as well. The City is also playing a role in this by undertaking a review of its own procurement policies and standards to ensure that we are doing our part.