Safe Communities

The Mayor’s Office, with the support of the Board of Police Commissioners, is working with community groups and institutions to develop a new community model to address safety and the root causes of crime.

Through collaborative work, the Safe Community Action Alliance was created—a partnership that looks at both the short-term, immediate issues impacting the community’s safety and the systemic matters that must be tackled to get to the heart of community wellbeing.

The SCAA immediately identified two different priorities to help focus their work: the crystal meth crisis and looking at housing in Saskatoon. 

The Crystal Meth Working Group completed a tremendous amount of work to create a series of recommendations on how to address this crisis. Through consultations, surveys, discussions with community partners, and engagement with youth, they came up with a comprehensive report for our community. This marks the first time that we have had such a high level of collaboration and consensus to address this issue. 

The SCAA has demonstrated an unprecedented level of collaboration and coordination to address crime and community safety in Saskatoon. Creating a comprehensive approach to these issues is a response to the needs of our community and our citizens, and it is something that the member organizations have committed to with enthusiasm. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the SCAA has also been instrumental in leading the inter-agency response to support Saskatoon’s more vulnerable population. More information on this work can be found online.

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