Government Relations

It is a priority of this City Council to work with the Province of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada to ensure that Saskatoon receives strong, predictable and sustainable funding that reflects and respects the important role the City plays in providing quality of life to its citizens.

The role that municipalities play in the lives of citizens and the public life of the province and nation is growing, and this trend will only continue into the future. In Saskatchewan, municipalities are responsible for providing many essential and important services: water supply, waste management, roadway maintenance, parks and recreation centres, policing, firefighting and transit, to name but a few. Municipalities are also deeply involved in building community and creating the conditions where all people can find success.

Saskatoon is the province’s largest city, a driver of economic growth, a centre of business innovation, the site of the province’s medical-doctoral university, the hub of an emerging technology sector and the home of an increasingly diverse population who have chosen to live here. However, as a City we are facing some financial constraints that are jeopardizing our ability to provide valuable and necessary services to a considerable portion of Saskatchewan’s population.


“Saskatoon is the province’s largest city, a driver of economic growth, a centre of business innovation…”

Mayor Clark and Councillors are working at the federal and provincial levels to advocate for the citizens of Saskatoon.

Mayor Clark serves as the Vice-Chair of the Western Economic Solutions Taskforce of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Created after the most recent federal election, WEST looks for concrete solutions to expand, diversify, and strengthen the economies of communities in the West. We’re working collaboratively to find solutions and to work with the federal government to address the problems we are facing.