Downtown: Where We Belong

The Downtown Saskatoon Business Improvement District and the City of Saskatoon are teaming up to build on a wave of renewal taking place in our downtown core.

We have been using a human design-centred approach to try solving some of the on-going downtown challenges. Used by Apple, Google and Spotify, it explores human behavior to uncover people’s motivations and insights. This gives us a way to take a new look at the thorny, complicated problems that we know are barriers—such as safety, a grocery store, parking and transportation—and making the downtown a destination and a neighbourhood where everyone feels a sense of belonging.  

Business owners, shoppers, cyclists, bus riders, developers, youth, downtown residents and would-be residents have all been part of our initiative to help us identify what the real users of downtown want to see.

An upcoming session will focus specifically on making downtown Saskatoon a great destination in the winter months. Many ideas developed in previous sessions will be piloted by the City’s planning division over the spring and summer of 2018.

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This is part of Councillor Block’s strategic priority area. To view all of Council’s 10 priority Areas, visit: 10 Strategic Priorities

Downtown Saskatoon: DTN YXE

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