The First 365 Days: Report to Citizens

It has been one year since the current City Council was sworn into office.

This has been a year of laying the foundation for building a successful city into the future.

We have developed a set of strategic priorities for City Council to focus on, established a new leadership model for City governance and have been strengthening key institutional and community partnerships needed to create the innovations that can tackle the challenges of the future.

Here are some of the highlights of what we have accomplished or initiated so far:

Passed the 2017 budget

with unprecedented investment in infrastructure, Transit and Growth Plan initiatives, driving more balanced growth with greater transportation choice.

Initiated a lead pipe replacement program

and accelerated the implementation period from over 30 years down to 10 years.

Resurfacing and replacement plan for:

  • 226km of roads
  • 13.7km of sidewalk
  • 37.9km of water, sanitary, and storm line pipes

Supported the end of the three-year labour dispute with the Amalgamated Transit Union,

easing the uncertainty in the community of further service disruptions.

Laid the groundwork for a formal MOU with the University of Saskatchewan

to work more closely in such areas as land development, environmental initiatives, transportation, technology and reconciliation.

Negotiated a framework for regional growth

with Corman Park, Martensville, Warman and Osler. 

Served as Grand Marshall in the Saskatoon Pride Parade,

the first for any Mayor of Saskatoon.

Supported further implementation of the TRC Calls to Action

working with Reconciliation Saskatoon and community leaders to learn the next steps in the reconciliation process.

Hosted the prime minister at City Hall for the first time in 30 years

and made the case for Saskatoon’s role in infrastructure development, climate change, technology, recreation and reconciliation.

Established an MOU to collaborate with the Saskatoon Tribal Council

on a hydro power project at the Saskatoon weir.

Participated on the national Mayors’ Task Force on Opioids.

Established a roundtable with the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association and the development community to address barriers to infill,

leading to new policies, incentives and processes.

Launched the Cut the Red Tape initiative

as part of the infill roundtable process.

Partnership with Downtown Saskatoon

to explore next steps in how to make the downtown a thriving neighbourhood to live, work and play.

Played a leadership role in the province-wide response to the provincial budget cut to Grants in Lieu of Taxes.

Continue to advocate for fair compensation from the Province for municipal services provided to Crowns corporations.

Opened the Remai Modern,

a world-class institution for an ambitious city.

Promoted Saskatoon:

  • National panel on infrastructure at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference,
  • International Downtown Association conference on downtowns and creating inclusive communities, and
  • National Broadbent Institute conference on progressive municipalities.

Hosted human-centered design thinking workshops

on the future of downtown to facilitate outside-the-box thinking on how to build a sense of belonging and attract more investment downtown.

Ongoing and In-the-Works Initiatives:

Working with the Chamber of Commerce and the expanding tech community

to support and promote Saskatoon as a leader in technological innovation.

Establishing a new integrated, evidence-based approach to addressing community safety and well-being

as a follow up to the Safe Streets Commission.

Councillor Hill | Ward 1

Councillor Gough | Ward 2

Councillor Iwanchuk | Ward 3

Councillor Davis | Ward 4

Councillor Donauer | Ward 5

Councillor Block | Ward 6

Councillor Loewen | Ward 7

Councillor Gersher | Ward 8

Councillor Dubois | Ward 9

Councillor Jeffries | Ward 10

Mayor Clark

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