JUNE, 2018

Update to residents and stakeholders re: June 20 Meeting on Bus Rapid Transit and Bike Lanes

Council has been hearing questions about what will be happening at the June 20 Special Governance and Priorities meeting, in particular around the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes and the future of bike lanes in the downtown. Below is a quick overview of what to expect on June 20.

What is the purpose of this meeting?

This meeting will give Council members a clear understanding of the different options for BRT and bike lanes and an opportunity to identify outstanding questions and concerns. They will provide further direction to Administration on key outstanding issues to ensure that the options being considered for a decision are as well-developed as possible.

Information discussed will include:

  • How this project ties into the short and long term visions of the City;
  • A summary of the different factors that affect the success of BRT and Cycling routes, including lessons from other cities;
  • An overview of options including the pros and cons of each, and recommendations related to each. Council will receive the same information as the public on these options.

Will City Council be making a final decision on BRT or Cycling routes on June 20?

No. This meeting is a chance to get an update on a variety of factors related to the routing of the BRT routes and the bike lanes.  Administrative staff and our external consultants have been meeting with stakeholders and exploring these routes from a number of dimensions – including parking, densities of people along different routes, trip planning, impacts of construction, impacts on businesses, impact on traffic lanes, existing vs. future development prospects etc.  Council will identify whether there are further questions that need to be addressed based on this update.

Will members of the public be able to address Council?

Yes, after the Consultants and Administration present the background and options, there will be clarifying questions from Mayor and Council, and then there will be opportunities for the public to speak to these issues. Members of the public who are interested in speaking must submit their name ahead of time to the City Clerk by 8am on June 20. This can be done through this online form.

What are the next steps after this meeting?

The next steps will be a discussion at the August 20 Governance and Priorities Committee meeting and then a final decision some time after that, likely in the fall.

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