MAR 2021

City Council Highlights

Below are some of the highlights from the March Council and Committee meetings.  The full reports can be found at saskatoon.ca/meeting.

COVID-19 Update

At this month’s meeting, Council received an update from Dr. Jasmine Hasselback, Suzanne Mahaffey, and Kelly Tokarchuk on behalf of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. While we are at a crossroads of optimism with vaccinations continuing, we must continue to do our best to keep Variants of Concern out of our city. If we allow variants to spread in our city, it could affect our schools, workplaces, businesses, and loved ones. We need to stay diligent for a little while longer so that our parents, grandparents, and vulnerable peoples are able to receive the protection that is needed to keep people safe and healthy. Please get tested if you have any symptoms and get vaccinated once you are eligible. 

Urban Forestry Management Plan

Council has approved in principle Saskatoon’s Urban Forestry Management Plan which outlines a strategy to plan, grow, manage, and protect trees and our tree canopy. This is a 10 year plan which includes 20 different recommendations. The Urban Forestry Management Plan will be used in consideration with the Green Infrastructure Plan, Climate Adaptation Strategy and more. This plan will coordinate the City’s approach in maintaining, preserving, and replacing our urban forestry, ensuring a healthy and resilient stock of trees. This is one more area where the City of Saskatoon is providing environmental leadership, while also adding to the quality of life that residents and visitors enjoy.

Flood Control Strategy

City Council has approved Churchill Park as the next project in the larger Flood Control Strategy. With the approval, the project will now advance into detailed design, public engagement, and the construction of a dry stormwater pond at Churchill Park to mitigate damages from flooding. Flooding in certain areas of our city causes physical and financial damage to homeowners, our streets, and other important infrastructure. I’m hopeful that we can mitigate the damages through prevention and solve the issues of recurrent flooding in some of our neighbourhoods. 

Approval of new City Clerk for City of Saskatoon

I’d like to give a warm welcome to our new City Clerk for the City of Saskatoon, Adam Tittemore. We had a very impressive set of candidates from across the country to select from. As the selection process progressed, Mr. Tittemore showed that he had the qualifications and the necessary leadership needed to take on this role. Mr. Tittemore will be a great addition to the team in the City Clerk’s office. I also want to thank Mr. Jordan and everyone in the City Clerk’s office for all of the support during this time of transition. Everyone has worked so hard to carry us through until we were able to select a new City Clerk. 

And More…

Saskatoon City Council has unanimously approved maintaining the current property tax ratio. This will give more certainty to both businesses and residents as people navigate finances emerging from COVID-19. 

City Council was presented a report on Swale education, communications, and partnerships for the Northeast Swale and the Small Swale. Many of the communications, educational tours, and programs are carried out by the Meewasin Valley Authority and supported by the City of Saskatoon with partnerships from the U of S, Saskatoon Wildlife Federation, Northeast Swale Working Group, Swale Research Partnership, and Wild About Saskatoon. These partners help promote, educate, and preserve one of our most important natural assets as part of the city’s Green Infrastructure Strategy.

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