City Council Highlights

Below are some of the highlights from the July and August Council and Committee meetings. The full reports can be found at saskatoon.ca/meeting.

Downtown Event Centre/Arena Site Options and Public Engagement

We have a chance to make decisions that will shape the downtown and the city for the next 50 years and beyond. The illustrations that have been released give people an idea of what the Downtown District could look like and how exciting and dynamic this will be. A lot of the design detail will still need to be worked out ultimately by architects, partners, and working with the community. 

Over the next two months, residents will have the opportunity to weigh in through various surveys and at community events to provide their opinions on site options. 

This is an opportunity not only for Saskatoon but for communities from around the province. We’ve seen many statistics from ticket sales including the recent Backstreet Boys concert, Eric Church, and Elton John indicating that the majority of people purchasing tickets were from outside of Saskatoon.  

It is important to determine a site before we can draft designs, concept plans, and finalize numbers. We want to make sure we have a plan that can be paid for without relying on tax dollars and is sustainable over the long term.

Lease to Manage the Farmers’ Market Building

City Council has approved a lease for Ideas Inc. to implement a new vision for the Farmers’ Market Building at River Landing. Called “Gather,” the new market is scheduled to open in May 2023, returning a community favourite to a familiar location in the Riversdale community. 

The new market plans to have 16 artisan and retail vendors, 8 restaurant vendors, and 6 distillery and brewery vendors as tenants. There will also be two dedicated farmers market days throughout the spring, summer, and fall, featuring 30 farmers market vendors. The model is similar to markets in other cities, such as The Forks in Winnipeg. 

This new take on the old farmers’ market will help to show off our local food scene and provide opportunity for people to connect with  each other.

Provincial Disaster Assistance Program- Response to Rain Event

Residents who experienced flooding from the June 20th event can apply to the Province for financial assistance. Claims must be submitted to the PDAP by December 20, 2022. Information packages are available for pick up at City Hall or you can access the application forms online. 

More than 1200 calls were reported to the Customer Care Centre with 114 that required service due to the June 20 rain event. Numerous areas in the city saw rain accumulation of over 50 mm, and areas near Stonebridge had nearly 70 mm of rainfall, which led to flooding. 

The Dry Pond at W.W. Ashley Park was a tremendous success in an area of the city that typically floods. The City has plans for more Dry Ponds and will continue to work on projects in the Flood Control Strategy to help minimize flooding in 10 highest risk locations in the City.

Access the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) application here.

Temporary Storage of Household Goods for Displaced Ukrainians

We’re living in extraordinary times making sure we’re finding creative solutions to problems. Whether it’s homelessness with the STC Emergency Wellness Centre or in this case using the old bus barns. Our staff is working hard to facilitate community efforts. We hope that soon the war will end and Ukraine will regain their sovereignty and find peace.

And more…

  • Tax Abatement Incentive Applications for Crestline Coach Ltd. and Vital Metals Canada Ltd. were approved as two businesses who are making major investments in our community that will create long term employment opportunities.
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