Year in Review

Below are highlights from the 2022 Year in Review starting with Infrastructure and Environment & Sustainability.


Roads, Sidewalks and Water Mains

This past year:

      • 235 KMs of roadways were improved
      • 59 KMs of sidewalks and curbs were added, replaced, or improved.
      • 24 Kms of water mains were replaced = 494 connections, including 300 lead pipes.

Saskatoon is on track to have all lead service connections replaced by 2027.

Dry Storm Pond(s)

Completion of the first Dry Storm Pond at W.W Ashley Park exceeded expectations and was tested with a June downpour. In a neighbourhood that experiences regular flooding of basements, the storm pond kept basements dry.

The Churchill Neighbourhood Dry Pond is substantially complete and the Weaver District Dry Pond was approved by Council. Construction starts in early 2023.

9 projects are planned as part of the Flood Control Strategy to alleviate flooding in high risk areas of the city.

Read more at ckom.com

Environment & Sustainability

Dundonald Solar Farm

City Council approved the Dundonald Solar Farm which will be the first utility-scale solar project for Saskatoon Light & Power and the largest in Saskatoon. Once complete in 2024, this 2.2 megawatt project will generate enough energy to power 330 homes.

Electric Bus Purchases and Saskatoon Transit Fleet Renewal Plan

Following a successful pilot project, Council approved a strategy to purchase and renew its fleet for Saskatoon Transit.

As technologies are changing rapidly, there are many benefits to electric-powered or other Zero Emission buses in service.

The tender on 2 electric buses closed in 2022. Over the next 10 years, 98 more buses will be purchased.

Zero emission buses will move from 0% to over 40% of the fleet.

Home Energy Loan Program rollout and expansion

Thanks to funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, through the Federal Government, the City was able to award over $11 million in loans supporting more than 300 retrofit projects through the HELP program.

A variety of energy efficiency upgrades are eligible under this program, helping residents save money monthly on utilities, become more energy efficient, and provide jobs in the local economy to those performing the upgrades.

Read more at saskatoon.ca

Electric Vehicle Strategy Roadmap

Two strategies were approved in 2022 that will move the City towards a future with more electric or other low or zero emission vehicles:

The Municipal and Transit Fleet Electrification Strategy recommends a phased implementation plan to convert a majority of the municipal and transit fleet to electric or other low emission alternatives. It would also address charging infrastructure requirements.

The Community Electric Vehicle Adoption Strategy Feasibility Study will evaluate barriers in Saskatoon to EV adoption like battery range limits, limited charging infrastructure, and nearby rural geography. The strategy would outline an action plan to encourage more electric vehicles or alternatives in the community. As part of the study, the City is installing charging stations at the Lakewood and Lawson Civic Studies.

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