JUNE 2023

City Council Highlights

Below are some of the highlights from the June 2023 Council and Committee meetings. The full reports can be found at saskatoon.ca/meeting.

Cycling Safety

The impact and ripple effects of Natasha Fox’s death raised questions on cycling and infrastructure. Thank you to everyone that came forward and advocated to find a way for our city to have better safety. We have made progress, but we’ve also had efforts that haven’t happened, such as projects in the downtown, and Wiggins Ave and College Drive.

We’re seeing more people using cycling, ebikes, and alternative modes of transportation to get around instead of cars. It is the work of City Council to build a city that enables people to people to get around safely, using all options.

 Council passed motions that will have:

  • A 3rd party safety audit conducted at the Wiggins Ave and College Dr intersection;
  • a budget option for an annual program of safety audits;
  • an update on the implementation of the Active Transportation plan;
  • a report on the potential for rapid deployment of safety measures at intersections;
  • city staff connecting with SGI on adding information about bicycles to be included in the next edition of the driver training manual

The motions and discussion resulting from the meeting will help identify and improve some of the trouble spots. We know many people are going onto campus. Through the Bus Rapid Transit planning with the U of S, an agreement will have a pedestrian and cyclist pathway on the northside of College Dr and traffic calming measures along College Dr. Other areas of the city merit the same kind of attention to improve road safety for every user.

Access to Public Washrooms

Going forward, all city-owned public washroom facilities downtown will be opened at 8:00 a.m. with the exception of Cumberland and Riversdale-Kiwanis Parks. It is important that people have access to public washrooms. Many of the public washrooms have not been open until 10 a.m, leaving few, if any, options for most of the morning.

Work will continue in a collaborative way with community partners to better coordinate and help address matters of community safety and wellbeing. Having access to washrooms is an important piece of that, along with accessing water and ensuring safe locations. A further report will come to committee and council at the end of summer on work to coordinate external organizations in meeting the needs of vulnerable residents in the community.

Willows Concept Plan Amendment 

City Council unanimously approved a Concept Plan Amendment that will allow for future development of the western portion of the Willows. In November of 2021, a proposal from Dream Development was denied, leading to Dream undertaking more engagement with residents and a redevelopment of their plans.

The now approved plans call for a hotel and Nordic spa, a pool, tennis courts, pickleball courts, medium density multi-unit residential units, single-family homes, a new south access to Clarence Avenue, and traffic calming measures on Cartwright Street.

The developer has taken concerns away from the last time this was debated at a Public Hearing to further engage with residents and made some significant changes to their plan. Our city is changing and we want to continue to see development and investment, but it must be done in a responsible way that balances the needs of developers and residents.

Greenhouse Long-Term Options

Previous reporting on the City of Saskatoon greenhouse indicated major structural issues that would be costly to repair or replace in order to enable its continued use. Options were presented allowing the continuation of providing flowers and bedding plants.

Council has approved a plan to use private procurement in the short-term while a long-term plan is explored with other local partners in a potential shared use space. The shared model would keep costs lower and have the potential for better outcomes in research, community programming, and food security. Possible partners who are receptive to exploring a shared greenhouse include Meewasin, the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the Saskatoon Food Bank, and others.

And more…


  • The City continues to revise the Zoning Bylaw. Package six included amendments for alcohol establishments, accessible parking, allowing secondary and garage suites to have two stories in newer neighbourhoods, and more. 

  • A one year renewal of the Naming and Promotional Benefits Agreement with Shaw Communications Inc was approved to keep the naming rights of the Shaw Centre with money provided to the City of Saskatoon. There is the possibility of a multi-year renewal following the completion of the Rogers-Shaw merger should terms of an agreement be agreed to.

  • A Bylaw was passed to implement two off-leash dog parks for small dogs. One will be open in Charlottetown Park and the other in Hyde Park.

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