City Council Highlights

Below are some of the highlights from the September 2023 Council and Committee meetings. The full reports can be found at saskatoon.ca/meeting.

2024 Curbside Garbage Utility Implementation and Proposed Rates

City Council approved the implementation to remove curbside garbage from property taxes into a utility model. In recent years, Saskatoon has been part of a shrinking list of municipalities that have garbage collection as part of property taxes. As a result of this move, garbage collection has been removed from the mill rate, reducing the property tax impact.

Along with moving to a utility model, there will also be three variable sizes of bins that residents can choose from. A large (360L) bin which is the current size, a medium (240L) bin, and a small (120-135L) bin. These bins will cost $10.58/month for a large, $7.05/month for a medium, and $3.73/month beginning in July of 2024. Residents will be able to request a different cart size in the new year, with the first cart size change being provided at no charge to residents.

This will allow residents to have better control over their costs and associated waste. Communities using similar approaches have seen waste diversion increase by 5-17%. A $100 low-income Waste Utility Subsidy will be available for qualifying residents.

Shaheed Minar Commemorative Monument

A Shaheed Minar Monument will be placed in Mahoney Park, in the Kensington neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is home to a large and growing Bengali population and is in close proximity to the Temple where the community worships. Shaheed Minar monuments commemorate the killings during the Bengali Language Movement which initiated International Mother Language Day, now recognized annually on February 21st.

All costs associated with fabrication and installation will be the responsibility of the Bangladeshi Community Association of Saskatchewan. The monument will symbolize the changing demographics of Saskatoon and contribute to the work of building identity and belonging for the Bangladeshi and other South Asian communities in Saskatoon.

Further, the monument will also acknowledge its placement on Treaty 6 Territory, respecting the Indigenous peoples and lands.


Lease of City-owned Parking Lot to Saskatchewan Health Authority for a Park N’ Ride

City Council approved a lease agreement between the City of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Health Authority for the parking lots at 232 and 240 Avenue C North in Caswell Hill to be used as a Park and Ride. This Park and Ride service will be offered to staff working at St. Paul’s Hospital and City Hospital.

City Council further directed Administration to have conversations with the Saskatchewan Health Authority while finalizing this Park and Ride to explore a similar option for staff at the Royal University Hospital and the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital. The lack of options for staff parking at those two sites has long provided frustration for both residents and staff who have had to park into the residential neighborhoods near the hospitals.


Carbon Monoxide Alarm Enforcement

The Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD) was approved to provide enforcement to ensure there are Carbon Monoxide alarms in residential buildings. Inspectors or the public can now report contraventions to the SFD for not following the provincial requirement to have a carbon monoxide detector in a residential building.

The enforcement approach will be compliancebased and will work with owners to have alarms installed. Should the order to be installed not be fulfilled, the SFD would arrange for a contractor to install alarms with the cost of alarms, contractors, and inspector times to be invoiced or placed on the property tax roll to recover all costs.

This will continue to help create safer homes and living conditions in Saskatoon. The move to require Carbon Monoxide Alarms in all residential buildings in the province was initiated by Saskatoon City Council and the Saskatoon Fire Department following an incident in January of 2021 that sent 29 people to hospital.

And More…

  • A Day Care application was approved for 1509 Early Drive creating an additional 12 child care spaces in our city. With long waiting lists for day care spots across the city and province, this is a welcome addition.
  • Three properties on the 1000 block of Idylwyld Drive North will get a transformation through the Vacant Lot and Adaptive Reuse Incentive Program. A local developer will be turning the three vacant lots into a 4 story, 22 unit apartment building with a mix of affordable rental units and market rentals. This will see a portion of Idylwyld more visually appealing and provide safe and affordable housing options for residents.


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