Smart Cities Challenge Update

Our Smart Cities Challenge team hosted representatives from the federal government who came out to learn about our proposal and meet the people and organizations who have been developing it with us.

What an Intelligent Transportation System is and Why it Actually Matters

The Transportation Division at the City of Saskatoon has developed a vision, a strategy, and a series of projects to improve traffic in our city with the use of technology. This is done through creating an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), or a way to make the best use of the streets, sidewalks, traffic lights, and freeways that we already have by creating connectivity, making our systems adaptable, and making information as open and accessible to residents as we can about routes and options.

Budget 2019

Going into these budget deliberations I had three priorities: investing in the basic services and infrastructure that citizens rely on every day, creating higher quality of life for individuals and families, and stretching the value of tax dollars through problem-solving, partnering with different groups, and making investments in the short-term that will pay off in the years and generations to come.

Council Highlights, November 2018

lanning for a Downtown Arena District
This week City Council made another step forward in the replacement of SaskTel Centre and signalled that a new arena should be built downtown.

We didn’t approve the construction of a new facility (and this won’t happen for awhile), but we did begin making a plan for the future. We are making crucial decisions in the months to come about Bus Rapid Transit, North Downtown development, River Landing Phase II, Idylwyld Drive and others.  Now is the time to ensure these decisions are made with a future Arena/Convention district in mind, so that all the pieces fit together to make a great downtown for generations to come. These next steps will involve many stakeholders and community discussions in developing and implementing this plan.

Procurement, social enterprise, and social sustainability

The City has a tremendous amount of purchasing power within the community. This gives us tremendous potential to do things differently and have a positive effect. Each year the City spends millions of dollars on different purchases—construction projects, water main replacements, and facility repairs, to name just a few—and this is something that we can leverage beyond infrastructure improvements to have other benefits as well. I believe the City of Saskatoon has a responsibility to make sure that the investments we are making in the city are best serving the community as a whole.

City Council Highlights, October 2018

At October’s meeting of City Council, we moved forward with a decision to establish a city-wide curbside organics collection program.

This is a huge step forward for our city and it will have a significant impact on extending the life of the landfill—an estimated additional 23 years. The current (and optional) green cart program has been successful, but the City’s research has shown that 58% of what ends up in the black bin is organic material that could be diverted.

Downtown, Where We Belong

In partnership, we are working to create a healthy, vibrant and prosperous environment in the heart of our city. By focusing on key strategies in collaboration with residents and businesses, we want to accelerate the plan to create a dynamic, inclusive and welcoming Downtown where everyone belongs.

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