Mayors Vaccine Challenge

17JULY 2021Mayors Vaccine ChallengeOk Mayor Masters, here’s your video. Big thank you to Joan and Mike and the great Prairie Lily crew for your awesome help! Now go get vaccinated everyone-remember it takes two shots!

Council Highlights, May 2021

Our city has been changing drastically over the past 15 years. People have moved to Saskatoon from all over Saskatchewan and all over the world, seeking opportunity, security and a chance for a good life.

As one of the largest employers in the city and as an organization working towards Reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion, it is important we show leadership in identifying and eradicating the systemic barriers people face in employment, engagement and participation with the City as an organization. Unfortunately, a recent report on hiring and diversity identified that as an organization, we’ve fallen behind in hiring equitable groups.

Council Highlights, April 2021

At this month’s public hearing, Council was provided a presentation on proposed development plans for the University Sector. This ambitious strategy led by the University of Saskatchewan working with the City of Saskatoon will be key to fulfilling the city’s strategic growth plan with infill neighbourhoods. Once fully developed in future decades, the sector could be home to more than 57,000 residents across all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. We look forward to the future progress of this historic sector plan and the continued partnership with the University of Saskatchewan ensuring proper integration and engagement with surrounding neighbourhoods and the community at large.

Council Highlights, March 2021

At this month’s meeting council received an update from Dr Hasselback, Suzanne Mahaffey, and Kelly Tokarchuk on behalf of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. While we are at a crossroads of optimism with vaccinations continuing, we must continue to do our best to keep variants of concern out of our city.

Council Highlights, February 2021

05MAR 2021 City Council Highlights Below are some of the highlights from the February Council and Committee meetings.  The full reports can be found at saskatoon.ca/meeting. Home Energy Loan Program I believe it is important to acknowledge when we are showing...

Council Highlights, January 2021

50 people die each year in Canada from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Following a recent averted disaster here in Saskatoon, it is clear that it’s necessary to learn from this and take action now. Currently, buildings that have been built before 2009 do not require a Carbon Monoxide alarm.

Saskatoon: We Stand Together

04 DEC 2020 Saskatoon: We Stand Together Saskatoon: We Stand Together We come together as leaders from different parts of our community with a common message: We must turn our numbers around to save lives and livelihoods. For the last 9 months, we have been masking...

Council Highlights, August 2020

Both in our community and across the world, there are public policy conversations happening about encouraging or requiring people to wear masks when inside certain public spaces. These conversations are happening in Saskatoon as well, and there has been a lot of public interest in this.

Council Highlights, July 2020

As part of the provincial government’s economic recovery plan, all municipalities in the province were provided with funding for infrastructure projects. Last month, part of this funding was allocated to neighbourhood traffic improvements, sidewalk rehabilitation, the construction of a Downtown festival site, and freeway safety improvements.

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