2021 Year End Highlights

As we begin 2022 it is important to take stock of progress made in 2021. It was a challenging year in many ways, yet City Council, City Staff, and community partners were also busy on many important city-building projects that improve our community and tackle key challenges we face.

Here is an overview of some of the key highlights. A big thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring these to life.

State of the City 2021

19Aug 20212021 State of the CityEach year, I give the State of the City address about the moment that we find ourselves in as a community. The past year has been filled with challenges requiring us to rise to the occasion to meet them. We’re now at a turning point...

Council Highlights, June 2021

Summer is here and we are in a time of reconnection with family and friends. It is so exciting to be able to meet friends in local restaurants and even see some festivals after this COVID experience we have been through. We have also faced new challenges with hot weather and fires, evacuees coming to the city, and ongoing work to support the most vulnerable. Thank you to all of the organizations and people on the front lines who work to keep the community safe and cared for.

Mayors Vaccine Challenge

17JULY 2021Mayors Vaccine ChallengeOk Mayor Masters, here’s your video. Big thank you to Joan and Mike and the great Prairie Lily crew for your awesome help! Now go get vaccinated everyone-remember it takes two shots!

Council Highlights, May 2021

Our city has been changing drastically over the past 15 years. People have moved to Saskatoon from all over Saskatchewan and all over the world, seeking opportunity, security and a chance for a good life.

As one of the largest employers in the city and as an organization working towards Reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion, it is important we show leadership in identifying and eradicating the systemic barriers people face in employment, engagement and participation with the City as an organization. Unfortunately, a recent report on hiring and diversity identified that as an organization, we’ve fallen behind in hiring equitable groups.

Council Highlights, April 2021

At this month’s public hearing, Council was provided a presentation on proposed development plans for the University Sector. This ambitious strategy led by the University of Saskatchewan working with the City of Saskatoon will be key to fulfilling the city’s strategic growth plan with infill neighbourhoods. Once fully developed in future decades, the sector could be home to more than 57,000 residents across all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. We look forward to the future progress of this historic sector plan and the continued partnership with the University of Saskatchewan ensuring proper integration and engagement with surrounding neighbourhoods and the community at large.

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